Still Moving Design* is the work of Katoomba-based graphic designer, Marty Walker. He has had nearly 30 years experience as a graphic designer and roughly 15 years as a web designer. He can wrangle HTML and CSS as well as his favourite CMS, ProcessWire.

Current skill set:

  • Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud
  • Affinity Suite
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Most RAW photo editing apps
  • ProcessWire CMS
  • Also a photographer.

* True story. While eating lunch in Dublin in 1994 (possibly hungover and a little miserable), I started writing some ideas on the back of the Guiness-stained coaster I had in my jacket pocket from the previous night. Within the space of an hour I had thought up the business name and what I wanted to do. I’m still here 30 years later. :)